Premium Graphic Glove

Used by true professional graphics people. These premium media handling gloves are worn when loading, handling
and working with digital media, overlaminates, printable substrates, negatives and transparencies. The GraphicsGlove™ help to prevent the transfer of oils, perspiration and smudges to the media and films your hands come in contact with. The GraphicsGlove™ is made of a
proprietary blend of materials, that is highly recommended for non-static applications, making them ideal for the
graphics industry. The Slip-on Style, Tight Fit, allows for an  ultra-sensitive feel, unmatched in the industry. "One size fits most"
Used daily by professionals in the graphics industry, the GraphicsGlove™  will ensure your expensive print medias are protected from oil and sweat transfer from your hands, offer excellent glide when used during hand-cutting in the shop or in the field. And, this is why treating print media, substrates and even prints and photos with care upfront should always be a priority in your shop.

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Graphics Glove

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